Friday, July 17, 2009

Around the Culture-sphere

This week in culture writing and news:

James Walcott reveals every literary geek's darkest secret.

Ok, you got me. This is why as long as my wife is forcing me to read books with titles like "The Art of Getting Things Done," I'll either a. be refraining from reading on the subway or b. be using a bookcover. The Kindle is looking pretty attractive right now.

But then again, there's this.

Oh literary irony, must you always be so obvious...?

Meanwhile, Roger Ebert reveals his greatest regret in life

Was it...

A. Not wishing colon cancer back on Vincent Gallo?
B. Giving a poor review to A Clockwork Orange?
C. Hiring Roeper?

or D. Never having won the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest?

As Roger says, if you answered D, there's gifts awaiting you.
Anyway, Roger, I wouldn't take it so personally. It's probably just because you're from Chicago.

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